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Maui Spider Jump

The Only Mobile Reverse Bungee Jump System
In All Of Hawaii!
Maui’s brand new attraction!

Love Bungee Jumping? Love Trampolines? Introducing a new and exhilarating interactive sport, MAUI SPIDER JUMP! Maui’s brand new attraction in the trend sport sector combines established and exciting activities, bringing them to a new pinnacle of fun and safety for everyone..Bungee Trampolines, called the MAUI SPIDER JUMP!

The MAUI SPIDER JUMP is the extra-ordinary, new, exhilarating and unique experience! The most intense reverse bungee jump in the world. Jump over 20 feet in to the air and perform gravity defying maneuvers, like flips and somersaults that will make even the gymnasts green with envy. Extremely safe with German TUV Rating! (Same rating that was given to the Mercedes-Benz!).

Maui’s one and only, fully Mobile Reverse Bungee Jump System that comes to wherever you are!

Kids only? Not at all! MAUI SPIDER JUMP appeals to thrill seekers of all ages! A fun and safe experience for everyone! No age limit. Weight limit 25lbs-220lbs!

Tired of the same old bouncy castles for your parties and events? Want to try something different and new? Want you leave your party guests with excitement and exhilaration? Try the Maui’s newest and always a crowd pleaser attraction, MAUI SPIDER JUMP for your next birthday party or an event.
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