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Safety Info

Our dedication to Safety:

MAUI SPIDER JUMP appeals to thrill seekers of all ages, not just kids! No age limit! Weight limit between 25lbs – 220lbs.

While on the Bungee Trampoline, the jumper is connected by special elastics to the structure. These elastics increase the height and velocity of the jump while stabilizing the jump.

The extra-ordinary, new and unique thing about the Spider Jump is that 4 jumpers can jump at the same time! It’s the worlds first (one & only) design of this kind with 4 parallel trampolines for the simultaneous serving of 4 jumpers!

All of our Spider Jumps are equipped with MES – Multiple Elastics System as illustrated to the right. Every Jumper will be connected to two MES, one from the right, and the other from the left. A safety redundancy factor has been well built into this system. A comfortable harness system will also be provided to the Spider Jumper as another safety measure.

The Spider Jump’s elastics are specially designed for an enjoyable and safe experience – Extremely safe with German TUV Rating! ( same rating that was given to the Mercedes-Benz!) The height of the trampolineĀ“s structure allows an impressive height of flight and the trampolines we use are of the required softness.